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30370 Ocean Diver is a City Polybag that was released on June 2, 2020.


The polybag is composed of two different major builds. The first build is a small, simple diving vehicle. The vehicle is built with a Black tire rim with a Brick Yellow connector peg through the middle. The peg secures a Brick Yellow circular brick, which is topped by a edium Stone Gray 1 x 2 plate with horizontal snap and a Medium Stone Gray 1 x 2 plate next to that.On top of those is a 2 x 2 Brick Yellow dome, and a Medium Stone Gray handlebar piece is attached to the plate with snap. The minifigure can be attached to the handlebar, and the vehicle is capable of balancing sideways even with the minifigure attached.

The second build is a more simple coral reef structure. A 3 x 6 Sand Yellow corner plate is used as a baseplate. Two 1 x 3 Dark Stone Gray roof tiles are placed at the end of the baseplate, pointing outwards. In the middle is a single 1 x 2 Dark Stone Gray brick, and a Warm Gold 1 x 2 tile is placed in front of that. A Medium Stone Gray round plate with knob is placed on top of the bricks, and a Vibrant Coral coral piece is attached to the knob. A specially molded stingray is available in this set, and it can be attached to the top of the coral.

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  • The polybag has a National Geographic symbol on it, implying that it may be released with National Geographic Kids in the future.
  • The polybag includes multiple rare pieces that are available in much more expensive sets, making it an excellent part pack.