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30394 The Skeleton Defense is a Minecraft Polybag set that was released on January 2, 2020.


Skeletons are common undead hostile mobs equipped with bows. Around 2.5% of Skeletons are equipped with Enchanted Bows. Skeletons can spawn in the overworld at a light level of 7 or less, in groups of 1-4. 80% of skeletons spawned directly under the sky spawn as strays in certain biomes.


The set includes 31 pieces, which are used to build a small build, two minifigures, and various accessories. The main build is built on top of a Reddish Brown 4 x 6 plate connected to a Dark Green 6 x 6 plate via a 2 x 6 Dark Stone Gray brick. Next to that brick is a small Transparent Blue piece that serves as a water brick as well as two studs and two carrot top pieces. On each side of the top of the brick is a 2 x 2 Medium Stone Gray brick, although one has a hole. On top of both bricks is a Dark Stone Gray 2 x 2 plate with knob. There is a rod and cone that build a missile, and the rod is inserted into the hole of the 2 x 2 brick, forming the set's main play feature. The rod can be pushed from the back, triggering a launch and releasing the missile forwards.

Minifigures Included


  • In the United States it appears to have been released as a Walmart exclusive.

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