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[[Category:2019 sets]]
[[Category:2019 sets]]

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30409 Emma's Bumper Cars is a Friends set released in 2019. It includes Emma, Chico cat figure, and two bumper cars. It was part of the January GWP promotion on


The set includes two bumper cars.
The larger bumper car is built using medium lavender, medium lilac, and azur pieces. It has a medium purple flag, front lights, and a black bumper.
The smaller bumper car is built using medium lavender, and medium lilac. It has a black bumper and flame yellowish orange flag.

Mini-Doll Figures

Emma wears a lavender sleeveless shirt which has a flower and silver dots on it, medium lilac skirt, and bright reddish violet and medium lilac shoes.


  • Although this set includes the new version of Emma, with brown eyes rather than green, she wears her core torso from 2012-2017. Description

Mini-Dolls Included



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