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30420 Harry Potter and Hedwig: Owl Delivery is a Harry Potter polybag set released on June 1, 2020 in Europe.


The set contains 31 pieces, which are used to make a minifigure, various accessories, and a dining table. Harry Potter is built from four standard pieces (leg, torso, head, hair), and has a broom as an accessory. Hedwig is a single piece. Included as accessories are a magic wand stand, chicken leg, two goblets, two cupcakes (made from a stud with a frosting piece on top), and two plates. There is a single miscellaneous White stud included as well.

The main build is a small dining table. The dining table is firstly made from two 1x6 Sand Yellow plates. The plates are horizontally connected with a 1x8 Reddish Brown flat tile on each end of each plate. Between those two horizontal plates is a 1x4 Dark Brown arch on each side. Connected on both ends of those arches is another 1x8 Reddish Brown flat tile. Between that tile is a 2x8 Reddish Brown plate, forming a tabletop.

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