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30453 Captain Marvel and Nick Fury is a Marvel Polybag set that was released on January 2, 2020.


The set contains 32 pieces, which are used to make two minifigures, accessories, and a small build. Nick Fury and Captain Marvel have a gun and two Power Blasts, respectively.

The main build is a small makeshift telephone booth made of predominantly yellow and gray pieces. The base of the phone booth is a 3x6 Sand Yellow half circle plate with a middle cut. On the right end of the circle is a 1x1 Transparent Light Blue brick. A 2x4 Bright Yellow plate extends across the center cut, and that serves as part of the base. On each end of that plate is an inward facing 1x2x2 Medium Stone Gray corner plate, and on top of each of those is an outwards facing 1x2x2 Bright Yellow wall element. Between them is a small space, and behind them is the wall of the phone booth, which is a two block area. On one side is a Bright Yellow 1x1 brick, and on top of that is a 1x1 Bright Yellow brick with a holder. This holder holds a telephone. On the other side is a brick with a 1x1 Medium Stone Gray angular brick with stud, which connects to a printed telephone pad. Under it is a 1x1x1 Medium Stone Gray wall corner. Above this section of wall is a 2x4x2 Transparent windshield. Above that is the second 2x4 Bright Yellow plate, which serves as the roof. There is a small collection of printed bricks on top of the roof.

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