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30463 Chef Enzo's Haunted Hotdogs is a Hidden Side polybag set that was released on January 6, 2020.


The polybag uses 42 pieces to make a minifigure and a small hot dog cart. Accessories include two hot dogs, one bun, and a glowing knife.

The hot dog cart starts with a 2x4 Medium Stone Gray plate with two 1x2 Medium Stone Gray angular plates on each end, both pointing out. In the space remaining, place one 1x2x2 Dark Stone Gray corner plate in the middle and one 1x1 Dark Stone Gray plate with holder. On top of that, place another 1x2x2 corner plate, another 1x1 plate with holder pointing outwards, and four Transparent Bright Orange studs filling the rest up. Topping it off is another 2x4 plate. Underneath the build is two Spring Yellowish Green 1x2 plates with teeth, teeth pointing inward instead of out. Two Dark Stone Gray mini-handles are attached to the sides in order to form legs for the stand. A 1x2 Black plate with vertical grip is attached to one mini-handle, and a Black 1x2 radiator grille is attached to the other mini-handle. On top of the plate is a 1x2 Black plate with knob, another radiator grille, and two more angular plates pointing outwards. Four 1x1 1/4 circle tiles are attached to the plates, a Medium Stone Gray tap is attached to a Transparent Fluorescent Reddish Orange cylinder to form a bottle, and two radiator grilles and plates with knobs top it off. The umbrella piece is attached to the side.

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