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30464 El Fuego's Stunt Cannon is a Hidden Side polybag set that was released on January 6, 2020.


The set has 46 pieces which are used to build a basic skeleton minifigure and a cannon cart. The cannon cart, which is the main build, is built from a 2 x 4 Black plate with a Dark Stone Gray 1 x 2 plate with holder on one end, and connected to the rest of it is a 1 x 2 Transparent Fluorescent Green plate and a 2 x 2 Dark Stone Gray plate. On top of the plate with holder is two 1 x 2 Black plates with vertical grips, and behind them are two Titanium Metallic studs. A 2 x 2 Bright Red plate with bow connects to the studs, and on top of the two plates with vertical grips are two 1 x 1 New Dark Red plates with holders pointing outwards. In the holders are two fire pieces pointing back towards the main build. On top of the plates is a 1 x 2 Bright Red radiator grille. Below the pieces on top is the holders from before, two on each end. Four wheels are attached to the holders, which forms the car. The jet engine part of the car is formed by a 4x5x3 Black jet engine piece with four Medium Stone Gray pegs in each hole. Connected to the pegs is a 1x3 New Dark Red tile on each side. A 2x2 Bright Yellowish Green final piece connected to a 2x2 Dark Gray round plate has a Medium Stone Gray cross axle running through it with a Bright Yellow 1/2 bush securing it. This piece is run through the cannon. Various accessory pieces are attached to the top and bottom to form a flaming cannon. The cannon is attached to the top of the car.

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