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3050 Shanghai Surprise is a 1999 Ninja set that revolves around the capture of the White Ninja Shogun. The set includes an small Imperial ship and a small pier. Also included are 3 minifigures: the Samurai Lord and two Red Ninjas.


The set is settled in the Orient, as is its theme. The set's pier is wooden and isn't directly Eastern but it does appear to be before the modern ages, judging the old brown bricks. The boat itself is quite Japanese in style, in contrast to the set's name. The boat has a tan brick-built hull and throne, blue ornaments and a black bottom baseplate and details. It sports a front ladder, lanterns, a crate with transparent light blue, transparent light green and transparent red gems, closed by some tan sloped bricks, a pair of old brown spears, and a pair of flags with black poles. The minifigures each carry a katana, the ninjas black, and the White Shogun an old grey version. He also carries an old brown musket pistol known from the Pirates series, while the two Red Ninjas carry a total of four old brown oars. This set also includes an old brown treasure chest with a set of four coins. A black long musket is stored next to the treasure. They are hidden away in a slide beneath the top deck. The Samurai Lord wears armor and a helmet decorated with golden horns.


Two red ninjas ambush the Samurai Lord's ship, which also carries a treasure chest. They use a chain to overtake his boat and halt it by attaching it to a small pier. They then enter and sail it, with the Samurai Lord still aboard.[source?]


  • The title says Shanghai Surprise. Shanghai is in China, not Japan, the main setting of the Ninja Theme.
  • The back of the instruction book shows the Minifigures taking off some bricks of the ship to build something, but it is not shown what they are building.

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