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30537 Merchant Avatar Jay is a Ninjago polybag set that was released on February 2, 2020.


The set includes 47 pieces, which are used to build a minifigure and small cart. Jay has a single accessory, a hat. The cart is composed of a single 4 x 6 Black plate with a 2 x 4 White plate in the middle and two 1 x 2 White plate with holders on each end of the White plate. 1 x 2 Transparent Fluorescent Green plates line the sides (6 in total, 3 on each side). On the right half of the baseplate, there are two inward facing Dark Stone Gray 1 x 1 wall corners on each side and two inward facing 1 x 4 wall elements between them. This forms a box structure. On one end of the left side is four inward facing 1 x 1 Medium Stone Gray wall corners, which forms a small box structure. Next to that is a structure similar to the box on the right, except that the pieces are Black and the two wall elements are 1 x 2, not 1 x 4. A Black thill piece is attached at the center underneath the baseplate. A 2 x 2 Medium Stone Gray roof tile is connected to one end of that, and behind the roof tile is a 1 x 4 Black bearing plate. Attached to the front holders is a sideways game controller with Warm Gold blade on each side. Attached to the single holder in the back is a Black shaft with hole connected to a Black shaft, Black lightsaber hilt on top. There is Transparent Fluorescent Green head, Black 1 x 1 plate with holder on top of that, and finally a sideways Black paint roller that connects the lightsaber hilt to the lamp structure.

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