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30545 Fish Free Builds - Make It Yours is a Creator polybag released in 2019.


The set contains 39 pieces, which are used to build custom builds. There are no instructions, the set is completely freestyle. The pieces included are two 1x2 Blueish Green plates, two 1x1 Blueish Green plates, one 1x4 Bright Green plate, two 1x2x2/3 Bright Orange plates with bows, two 1x1 Bright Orange 1/4 circle tiles, two 1x1 Bright Red bricks with two knobs, one 1x1x1 1/3 Bright Reddish Violet brick with arch, two Bright Reddish Violet Plates W/ Half Bow Inv. 1X2X2/3, two Bright Yellow Plates W. Bow 1X2X2/3, one 1x4 Yellowish Green plate, and many more pieces.


  • This set is a Freestyle build, meaning there are no instructions for it.
  • This set was released at LEGOLAND Discovery Centers.


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