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30549 Build Your Own Vehicles - Make it Yours is a Creator polybag set that was released on October 15, 2020.


The set includes 59 pieces that can be used to build various vehicles. Parts included are four 2 x 2 Aqua plates with bow, two Black mini antennae, four Black taps, a Black propeller with three blades, two 1 x 2 Black plates with shafts, two 1 x 2 Black plates with handles, eight 1 x 1 Brick Yellow bricks with two knobs, two 1 x 1 Bright Blue plates with holders, two 1 x 2 Bright Bluish Green flat tiles, one Bright Bluish Green 2 x 2 round sloped brick with knob, two 1 x 2 Bright Purple angular plates, three Bright Yellow 1 x 1 circular bricks, four 1 x 2 Dark Azur plates with knobs, two 1 x 2 Earth Blue radiator grilles, four 2 x 2 Flame Yellowish Orange plates, two 1 x 1 Flame Yellowish Orange roof tiles, two Medium Stone Gray 2 x 4 plates with tubes, a Medium Stone Gray 1 x 2 brick with four knobs, four Medium Stone Gray steering wheels, a Transparent Green stud, a Transparent Red stud, two Transparent Yellow studs, two 2 x 4 White plates, and a 2 x 2 White plate with snap.


  • The set was released as a promotional polybag between October 15 and October 25 on the LEGO Shop with qualifying purchases.

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