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30555 Poppy's Carriage is a Trolls World Tour polybag released in 2020. It was released as a promotional polybag but was later released for sale in the USA. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Treat little Trolls fans to a journey aboard Poppy’s insect-powered carriage. They’ll love moving the cute insect legs and can discover lots of accessories in the chest!


The polybag includes 51 pieces, which are used to build Poppy (8 pieces) and a small insect-drawn cart. The insect is connected to the cart, and is build with a 2 x 2 Bright Yellow inverted roof tile with two outward-facing 1 X 2 Bright Yellow plates with sticks inside. On top of these is a 2 x 2 Medium Azur plate with a 1 x 2 Transparent Florescent Green plate on one end. On each of the sticks is two Bright Green claws with snaps, forming four legs. On one end of the top of the inverted roof tile is a Bright Reddish Violet thill. On top of the uncovered part of the 2 x 2 plate is a 1 x 2 Bright Bluish Green brick, and in front of that is a 1 x 2 Bright Yellow brick with knobs. On those knobs are two closed googly eyes. On top of the brick with knobs are two 1 x 1 Bright Yellow plates with holders. On top of the rest of the body is a 4 x 4 Bright Bluish Green brick with bow that forms a shell for the insect. Two Medium Blue shafts are connected to the two plates with holders. and a Medium Stone Gray stud with shaft is plugged into each holder. Any of the various musical note pieces can be connected to the studs to form musical ears.

The cart is built from a 2 x 4 Bright Reddish Violet plate with two 1 x 2/2 x 2 Bright Yellow Angle Plates hanging off each end and a 1 x 2 Transparent Medium Reddish Violet plate at the back of the remaining uncovered area. On the other end of that area is the other end of the thill, thus connecting the insect to the cart. A 4 x 4 Bright Yellow circular plate is place on top, with an Aqua 2 x 2 plate with snap at the back, an Aqua 1/4 circle tile on each side of the plate with snap, and two Flame Yellowish Orange 1 x 2 plates with snaps in front of the plate with snap. Two White 2 x 2 turntable pieces are placed on the sides of the overhanging angle plates, and two 4 x 4 Bright Purple circle plates are placed on those. Each circle plate has four Aqua 1/4 circle tiles in the middle, all pointing inwards and forming a flower design. A 2 x 4 Medium Lavender chest is available, and the rest of the accessories can be deposited inside before it is connected to the 2 x 2 plate with snap. Poppy can sit in the front of the chest on top of the Bright Yellow circle plate.

Minifigure Included


  • Despite being a LEGO Store exclusive, the polybag was first released in the USA in February 2020 in Walmart and Target stores.
  • The polybag was offered from April 10 - April 26 globally as part of a promotion where it was given away when a customer spent $30 or more on Trolls World Tour sets.
  • The polybag was again released for individual sale on the LEGO Shop in the USA on September 12, 2020.


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