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30573 Santa is a Creator Polybag released in 2019.


The set has 67 pieces, which are used to build a Santa Claus figure, small gift, table, and a toy train. The small gift is made of two Dark Green 2x2 plates with knobs, with one Red 2x2 plate with knob in the middle. There is a gold stud on the top.

The toy train and table are made of brown, transparent, black, and light blue figures. The table has black 1x2 plates for feet, and 1x2 Sand Yellow Palisade bricks as the legs. The table itself is a 2x4 Sand Yellow plate. The train has black 1x2 plates on the bottom, topped by 1x1 Black slanted roof tiles as the nose of the engine and 1x2 and 1x2 light blue plates as the body of the train, with a 1x1 transparent plate as the windshield and another 1x1 light blue plate as the top. The whistle is made of a Black 1x1 small nose cone.

Santa Claus himself is made of white, red, and black bricks. The shoes are made of black pieces, with a white piece as the socks. His legs are made of red pieces, with a white piece as a belt and black pieces and a gold stud as the belt and belt buckle. The torso has red and white pieces, with red pieces as the arm and Sand Yellow pieces as the hands. He also has a black wrench attached to his belt. His beard is made of white pieces, and his face is made of tan pieces and eye-tiles. The hat is red with white rims and a white ball.


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