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30574 Cat is a Creator Polybag set released on September 16, 2020 on the LEGO Store as a promotional polybag.


The set contains 55 pieces, which are used to make three different builds, all of which contain Bright Orange, Dark Orange, Medium Stone Gray, and White pieces. The cat build is built as a body with an attached head and multiple ball joints that help connect the legs, as well as tube pieces that serve as a tail in this case. Googly eyes are used, and they are also used for the other two animals.

The crab build is a more horizontal build, as opposed to the cat's long build and the ostrich's tall build. 1 x 1 Bright Orange plates with holders are used as legs, and the eyes are connected with stalks. The tube pieces are used in this case as the crab's claws, not the tail.

The ostrich build is the tallest build, and is built from more Dark orange pieces as opposed to the Bright Orange pieces of the cat and the crab, which also have more exposed White and Medium Stone Gray pieces. The ostrich's feet are built from the same pieces that the crab's legs are built from, and are covered with 1 x 2 Dark Orange plates with bows that help form the foot structure. The ostrich's neck is formed from the same tube pieces that form the tail and claws of the cat and crab.


  • The polybag was give away for free with qualifying purchases between September 16 and September 30, 2020.

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