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3068 Radar Buggy is a set released in 1999 as part of the Space Port line. It included a astronaut with a Radar Buggy on Mars. The Astronaut is equipped with a radio and cap but no helmet. The Radar Buggy has four wheels which are connected to two wheel holders. The holders are connected onto a two-by-six-base, a steering wheel is placed at the front and a vent piece is placed two bumps apart giving room for the astronaut to sit, there is a red square stud on the right behind the vent piece. A flip piece is placed behind the square stud and a two-with-a-hole-in-it is paced on the top. There is a vent on the two and a yellow circle piece on the two. This is the same set as 1180 Radar Car and 1265 Moon Buggy.


  • This set is also a Kabaya Promotion.
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