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3093 The Race to Build It Board Game, also called LEGO Create It, is a set released in 1999. It has 72 pieces in several colours to build 20 different creatures, robots, and vehicles. It was also co-developed by Rose Art. It is intended for ages 6+ and is for 2-4 Players.


You start the game by choosing a coloured cap and a set of instructions. The instructions lists steps to build the model and the pieces needed. You roll the dice and move. The board consists of small space which, when landed on, can do certain things. For instance, Take 2 Bricks from someone, or collect a Red Brick from the "Brickyard" (a play on Scrapyard). The first person to complete their model wins the game.


  • 72 LEGO Pieces.
  • 68 Bricks.
  • 4 Caps.
  • 20 Model Cards / Instructions.
  • 1 Die.
  • 1 Gameboard.