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309 Church is a LEGO System i Leg Town Plan set, released in 1958. It contains 149 pieces. A nearly identical set, 1309 Church, was also released in 1958, although this version has one less piece.


The set is mainly white with a red sloping roof. It has a spire with doors at the bottom and windows near the top, also with a red pointed roof. The church's main body has four tall windows lining both of its long sides. Bricks with the inscription Anno 1962 are present on the spire.

The set also included a dark green tree.


  • The church in its three different forms was in production for at least 5 years between 1957-1962.
  • From the picture below you can see that the colour of the bottom plates was changed from grey to white, and the sticker was changed from '1762' to 'ANNO 1762' from 1960 onward.
  • This was the only set to be a religious themed subject that LEGO had made.

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