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310 Necklace is a Scala set released in 1979. The set includes 29 pieces.


The set consists of several different elements, which can be put together in various ways to make different bracelets. The contents are: Three bracelet bands; two yellow jewelry clips* of different sizes (4X4 and 4X8); eight 2X2 tiles with a red and yellow swirling pattern printed on them; four blank red 2X2s, four yellow ones with a flower printed on them; four yellow ones with an apple printed on them; and four yellow ones with various numbers (3, 5, 7, and 6) printed on them).
*Scala Jewelry clips were similar to normal plates, but have clips attached to their undersides, meaning that they cannot be placed on another brick, but can be clipped to a bracelet. They are quite rare, as they only appear in four sets each, and this is the only one in which they appear in yellow.


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