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3219 Mini TIE Fighter is a 12 piece promotional set from the Mini Series of LEGO Star Wars released in 2002.


The TIE Fighter has two large, vertical wings on either side, with a round cockpit in between them. This gives it an "H" shape. The wings are two studs long on the top and bottom, but get as wide as four studs long in the middle. The cockpit is made using a smooth, round and transparent plate.


TIE Fighters were the backbone of the Imperial Fleet. Piloted by specialized troopers, they were fast, agile and had powerful blaster cannons. The weaknesses of TIE Fighters were their lack of armor and a shield; one hit was sufficient to destroy most of them. TIE Fighters had no life support systems, so the pilots had to wear pressurized suits in order to survive.


  • This was the first Star Wars Mini set
  • This set was made available in several ways:
    • Free with purchase at Canadian store Bricks and Blocks Outlet
    • Inside the Star Wars UK Fan Club Magazine
    • With subscription to Star Wars Insider Fan Club Magazine
    • LEGO Club members received one for free in the mail
    • gave one free to their members
    • LEGO kiosks found in malls gave them for free
    • Inside the UK Memorobilia Magazine
    • Buying the Product Collection of all the series 3 mini Star Wars vehicles.


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