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3221 LEGO Truck is a City set that was released in May and June 2010. It contains 278 pieces and includes a yellow semi-truck, its trailer, two Minifigures, a Driver and a Worker.


The set consists of a large, yellow semi-truck with several large LEGO logos on it. The cab features an opening roof with a steering wheel, bed, and computer/Television. There are also two opening doors (one on each side). On either side of the trailer, there are two large opening double doors, giving access to the cargo - in this case small "boxes" with stickers giving the impression that they are LEGO sets. There are also more doors on the back of the trailer. As is with a semi-truck in the real world, the trailer swivels on the back of the cab truck. The set also contains small details such as steps, license plates, headlights, and tail lights.

The Minifigures consist of a driver wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, and a worker who is wearing overalls a hat, and sunglasses. There is a hand truck included for the worker to deliver the "LEGO sets" with. Some of the "sets" are of varying sizes to give the impression of different individual LEGO sets. All the sets depicted in the stickers on the "boxes" are of other actual LEGO City sets, such as 7236 Police Car, 7942 Off-Road Fire Rescue and even the truck itself.


The design of the LEGO truck is based on some earlier sets like the 2148 LEGO Truck from 1997. However, the idea of a yellow truck with special LEGO labels has been a repeating trend throughout LEGO history - shown by earlier versions like 335 Transport Truck (1967), 685 LEGOland Truck with Trailer (1972), 6692 Tractor Trailer (1983) or 1525 LEGO Container Lorry (1985).


  • In addition to 3221 LEGO Truck, there is also a licensed "Toys 'R' Us" version of this set called 7848 Delivery Truck, and was released in late July 2010. The difference between these two is that 7848 is a "Toys 'R' Us" Delivery Truck and its color scheme is white and blue. 7848 has three Minifigures, and includes a toy shop. 7848 is an exclusive set and was only available at Toys 'R' Us.
  • There is a sticker in set 7937 Train Station that says "NEW truck in Town" with a picture of this truck.
  • The boxes have the Stickers like the real LEGO sets.
  • The model of the vehicle was largely based on Volvo VNL 780 Truck from 2008. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Load the LEGO® City Truck and make a delivery to the airport!

An urgent delivery needs to be made to the LEGO® City airport. Use the trolley to help load the LEGO boxes into the back of the truck and hop into the driver’s seat to transport them to the airport.

  • Includes driver and worker minifigures
  • Features 9 boxes and 1 trolley
  • Remove the truck top to see the bed and flat screen TV
  • Open the trailer doors to load up!
  • Truck measures almost 15"" (39cm ) long

Minifigures Included

DriverTruck Loader


(Images from the 2010 New York Toy Fair are courtesy of FBTB)

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