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3300001 Brickley is an exclusive Miscellaneous set released in 2011. It consists of 197 pieces, building a miniature version of LEGO's oft-used sea monster, Brickley.


Brickley consists of four main parts, each of which is attached to a blue 4x8 baseplate. The first part consists of Brickley's head and neck. The head has a mouth that opens and closes, a large snout, large eyes, and a pair of horns/ears. The neck is coloured yellow at it's front, and green at the back. It has a line of spines running down it.

The second and third sections are both identical, and they both depict a section of Brickley's body, out of the water. Once again, the tops of these sections are covered in spines.

The fourth section consists of the end of Brickley's tail. it rises out of the "water" at a horizontal angle, and then tapers off to a square tip.


Brickley is something of an unofficial LEGO Shop mascot, as he appears in many life-sized models in LEGO Stores around the world, as well as at several LEGOLAND parks. Brickley has made one other appearance in a set, in 40019 Brickley the Sea Serpent.


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