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3308 Side Stand is a Town set released in 1998. Designed to fit a sports stadium, it was released as a promotion by Shell.


The Side Stand consists of a set of stands built on a 16x16 baseplate. The foundation is made of white bricks topped with gray plates, with blue slopes on each level as ramps. They make three different levels, upon which long gray Plates are placed. The uppermost level features blue pylons to support the roof, which holds lights, flags and a loudspeaker. The three levels each contain four seats, split between red and yellow. Below the stands is a guard rail and advertising hoardings bearing "LEGO System" and "Shell" logo stickers separated by blue bricks. The set includes three minifigures.

Minifigures Included

Octan oct035
Minifigure pln014
Jacket twn013
Octan ShirtPlain ShirtJacket

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