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3367 Space Shuttle is a City Space set released in March 2011. The set includes a Space Shuttle, and an Astronaut with two different helmets.


Space shuttle:

The space shuttle has a detachable cockpit with space for one minifigure. The midsection features opening doors that conceal a manipulator arm and enough space to store the model of the Hubble Telescope included in the set. The back section contains three boosters and two thrusters, with transparent orange studs to mimic rocket exhaust. The underside has fixed landing gear, like the one used in the 2006 City Airport Collection. There are no booster rockets included in this set.

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Blast into orbit over LEGO® City!
Rocket into orbit on an important space mission! Blast off from our LEGO® City and set your navigation for deep space! Help the astronaut to open the cargo bay doors, then use the robotic arm to release the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit!

  • Includes astronaut minifigure in spacesuit
  • Features the Hubble Space Telescope
  • Open cargo bay doors!
  • Catch and release the Hubble Space Telescope with the robotic arm!
  • Space Shuttle measures over 8” (20cm) tall and 10” (25cm) wide
  • Telescope measures over 2” (5cm) long and 3” (7cm) wide


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