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3383 Chef is a polybag set from the World City theme released in 2003. It is a Promotional set and includes a chef minifigure with chef's hat and ice cream. This set was only obtainable randomly from the Chupa Chups Egg with Surprise Set.


The chef has unprinted light grey legs and hips. He has a white torso that sports printing of a shirt with two rows of vertical buttons, some wrinkles in the center and a short red tie. His arms are white and his hands yellow. The chef's face has printing of a wide smile under a large black handlebar mustache. His eyes are black with white reflections and his eyebrows arched. He wears a hat that extends up and, at the top, puffs out.

The ice cream is made with a clear wine glass piece and a piece usually meant to depict fluff.

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