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3384 Train Worker is a Promotional polybag World City set released in 2003. It includes only a construction worker with a helmet and construction jacket. It was a Chupa Chups promotional release, included with the Chupa Chups Egg with Surprise Set.


The construction worker has unprinted blue legs, hips and arms. His hands and face are yellow, the standard flesh colour for unlicensed minifigures. His torso has printing of an orange vest with sliver stripes and a pocket on the right side. A slip of paper and a blue pen are sticking out of the pocket. On the left side, a small white logo is present in the shape of a circle with two arrows coming from it, facing in opposite directions. The vest is over a blue jacket zipped up to the neck. The minifigure's face has stubble, a wide mouth and upturned eyebrows in a mildly interested expression. He wears a round, red construction helmet.

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