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3438 LEGO McDonald's Restaurant is a Town set released in 1999. It contains 88 pieces to build a small restaurant, a car for the drive-through and a table with two chairs. Two minifigures are included. This set was only available in the United States from Shop@Home.


The customer's car is mostly coloured white but also has black and red hightlights. The windscreen is coloured transparent light blue, the headlights, yellow, and the grill grey. There is no roof and it is just large enough to fit one minifigure.

A seating area outside of the restaurant has a sign with a hamburger, fries, and an arrow advertising the drive thru. The seating area has two red seats on either side of a yellow table with a white umbrella arousing from the center.

The restaurant itself is built on another green plate. The walls which are mostly red, but have black trim at the bottom, give the building a rectangular shape, though the roof which is larger in area than the building itself is yellow and rounded. It has a red sign with the McDonald's logo in front of raised yellow slopes, which in turn are in front of two red flags also with the McDonald's logo. To the side of the building is a black door with three transparent brown windows in it. The wider section of the building has a large window cut out with a yellow counter jutting out that serves as the drive thru.

The inside has a cash-register and a dispenser for substances identified by yellow and red pumps and levers.


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McDonald's is a popular chain of fast food restaurants which spans across several countries. LEGO sets first started appearing in the kids meals (often called "Happy Meals") in 1989 and up until 2001 included building aspects, though they were often simpler than other LEGO sets. Though LEGO products have continued to appear in McDonald's Happy Meals from time to time, the latest being 2009, they were often uncustomizeable figures representing characters from lines such as BIONICLE.

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