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3645 Classroom is a Fabuland-themed set released in 1987. The set includes 26 pieces and three Fabuland Figures, Lionel Lion, Clive Crocodile, and Bonnie Rabbit.


The set is based on an 8x16 plate. The chalkboard consists of a sticker featuring a globe and the letters A-B-C. This is placed on a yellow desk with opening drawers. A picture of a white cat in front of her house is placed on Bonnie Bunny's yellow desk, who sits behind Clive's identical desk, in front of each desk there is a red chair.

The set includes three Fabuland Figures;

Lionel Lion has a brown lion shaped head with a furry mane with ears sticking out of it. He has a black nose with black dots and a smiling face. He has white eyes with black pupils. He has a black torso with a golden chain, black arms and yellow legs. He has a long grey stick for an accessory.

Clive Crocodile has a green crocodile shaped head, at the front he has green teeth and at the back he has eyes sticking up, white eyes with black and white pupils. He has a black torso with black arms and a dark purple bow he has green legs.

Bonnie Bunny has a cream rabbit shaped head, which means she has long slanted ears, she has white eyes with black pupils, a black nose, with black whiskers, and a smiling mouth with buck white teeth, she has a white torso with a red bib with yellow spots, yellow arms and yellow legs.


Lionel Lion teaches Clive Crocidle and Bonnie Bunny a lesson.

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