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3646 Catherine Cat's Kitchen is a Fabuland-themed set released in 1988. The set includes 53 pieces and two Fabuland Figures, Catherine Cat and Wilfred Walrus.


The set is based upon an L-shaped green plate. Kitchen fittings and appliances, either specialized pieces—as in the case of the refrigerator—or comprised of regular pieces, make up the scenery of the kitchen.

On the cooker, which is built from regular pieces rather than having a specialized element, a black pot containing a tile stylized with the image of a corncob sits in its place. Various other tiles of this sort can be observed around the kitchen; in the image, Catherine Cat is holding a tile featuring strawberries. These tiles simulate foodstuffs.

Catherine Cat and Walter Walrus take their places at the table, which is brown and situated away from the green plate, as is the case with their brown chairs.

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