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3677 Red Cargo Train a Trains set released in August 2011. It has a red locomotive and 3 cars. It was unveiled at LEGO World 2011 in Denmark. It is a Special Edition set, and is only sold at Toys 'R' Us and Myer in Australia. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Prepare the cargo train for its next destination!

The LEGO® City freight yard is busier than ever! Get the Red Cargo Train ready to roll out and haul! Load rocks into the freight cars with the conveyor belt and be careful when loading the hazardous waste car. Use the flatbed utility freight car and railroad repair truck to repair the tracks. Then drive your haul through LEGO City with the LEGO Power Functions Remote Control #8879! Loaded with details and accessories including 3 freight cars, engine car, broom, shovel, jackhammer and 40 tracks.

  • Includes 4 railroad worker minifigures

Red Cargo Train features train engine and 3 freight cars, including tipping, hazardous waste and flatbed freight cars

  • Includes railroad repair truck
  • Also includes 40 tracks: 16 flex, 16 curved and 8 straight
  • Accessories include broom, shovel and jackhammer
  • Load rocks into the freight cars with the conveyor belt!
  • Haul the railroad repair truck to the work site with the yellow flatbed freight car or drive it on the road!
  • Steer the Red Cargo Train with the LEGO® Power Functions Remote Control #8879!



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