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367 Moon Landing is a LEGOLAND Space set released in 1975. It includes 364 pieces, mostly blue, yellow, and white. The set does not include any actual minifigures, but figures were constructed with normal LEGO elements.


The lander is built in two parts, with the ascent stage designed to lift off the legs of the descent stage.

The three astronauts are Homemaker Figures, and while not shown in the pictures, the set comes with heads for all three that could be used in place of the helmets that were built from bricks.

The set also comes with a sheet of American flag stickers for use on the flag, the lander, and the astronauts.


  • 367 Moon Landing was only released in Europe, UK, Australia, and Canada.
  • This set is the same as set 565 Moon Landing, which was released in the USA.
  • This set was also known as 367 Space Module with Astronauts.


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