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3750 Life on Mars Accessories is a Life on Mars service pack released in 2001. The set includes 44 pieces, consisting of several accessories, including an Astronaut's helmet, a Martian pod.


The Life on Mars Accessories was the last of the Space-themed Accesories Packs. Its most prominent part is the alien sled, used in the set 7317 Aero Tube Hangar. It has 7 other Minifigure Tools/Accesories, including a Trans Neon Green scanner/laser, a large Laser Gun, 2 smaller laser guns, 2 Astronaut helmets, and a scanner. It contains 12 decorated parts, 6 of them placed on Vehicles and Ports (in the Aero Tube Hangar) and 6 of them used as control panels. The remaining parts number 23, with 4 of them used collectively as a claw, multiple parts forming parts of a joint, and some used for other purposes.

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