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379 Bus Station was a Town set released in 1979. It contains 172 pieces to construct a bus station, a transit bus and 4 minifigures.


The whole set is built upon a road plate. The bus station consists of a small building with a ticket window and a bench on the outside. Next to it is a timetable. On the opposite side of the road is a small bus stop with a sign and a bench as well as a street lamp.

Minifigures included

The bus has two seats for passengers behind the one for the driver. Each seat has its own set of doors, but there are no side windows.

The minifigures comprise two identical employees of the bus company, one driver and one clerk, as well as two passengers, male and female.


  • The bus is labelled "25 Legoland".
  • The street lamp is identical to the one from 6390 Main Street.

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