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3828 Air Temple is an Avatar: The Last Airbender set released in 2006. It contains four hundred elements to build the complete set, including a portion of the Air Temple that Aang used to live at, a slime catapualt, Aang's air glider, and an enemy Fire Nation tank with launching discs. The set included four Minifigures, Sokka, Aang, a Firebender, a Fire Nation Soldier, plus an animal, Momo, Aang's flying lemur. Overall, this set can be used to recreate scenes from the episode The Northern Air Temple. It is one of the two Avatar sets in 2006.


The building consists of a gateway with a tower on it. The gate itself features an elaborate closing mechanism connected to the disks on its front. The ground floor contains a weapons rack with swords behind a triangular BURP. In the tower is a trap door that leads to the gateway area below.

The Fire Nation Tank has a detachable top section with a disk flinging device on it. When detached, a soldier fits into the lower carriage section, which has a small engine in the back.

The small catapult is triggered by pushing down a lever at the side, and it's ammunition consists of transparent-green cylinders.


This set is based upon the seventeenth episode of Book I: Water The Northern Air Temple, when the Fire Nation War Minister Qin sent in soldiers to attack and destroy the Temple. The Fire Nation war balloon is omitted and its slime bombs are replaced with a slime ball catapult.


  • This is the only set that includes Sokka and Momo, as well as the wings of Aang's glider.
  • The original title for this set was 3828 Air Fortress although it is a temple, not a fortress.
  • Aang's glider is much larger than the other Avatar: The Last Airbender set produced in the same wave.
  • The Fire Nation tank is much smaller than the one that appears in the actual television show. Description[] This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

3828 Air Temple

Fire Nation warriors are on the attack! Help Aang and Sokka protect the hidden Air Temple from the disc-launching fire tank with the help of their defense catapult and flying lemur Momo. Use the Avatar’s amazing air bending powers to unlock the temple’s secrets and save the day! Set includes Aang with glider, Sokka, Firebender, Fire Nation soldier, Momo and more.

Available in US and Canada only.

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