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Screenshot from the movie

3901 Jack Stone Video is a Media Audio and Video Jack Stone VHS Tape released in 2001. It is Computer-Generated Imagery and the front featured Jack Stone in the middle of pictures of him with vehicles and such. It was sent to people who were getting the LEGO Club Magazine, and it was included in some Jack Stone packs.


Following the same order of appearance as in the movie credits

  • All voices by
    • Marc Smith
    • Martin Sherman
    • Andy Loudon
  • Animation by
    • Robert Dorney
    • Teoman Irmak
    • Stephen Freir
    • Ed Pattman
    • Marvin James
    • James Roberts
    • Mark Smith
    • Simeon Hankins
    • Henk Venter
    • Steven Crisp
    • Greg Barrett
    • Adam Beamish
    • Chris Read
    • Avril Crisp
    • James Harpham
    • Paul Biver
    • James Parker
    • Kirsty Cotterill
    • Karl White
    • Barry Keegan
  • Composer
    • Rupert Gregson Williams (Air-Edel Associates)
  • Recorded Music
    • Gridiron Mark
    • W. Loose
    • 1982 KPM Music Ltd.
  • Audio by
    • Peter Hall
    • Paul Weir
    • Rachel Hall
  • With special thanks to
    • Bruce Hopman
    • Gordon Bennett
    • Kathleen Fleming
    • Kim Pagel
    • Natalie Dickenson
    • Per Hjuler
    • Rhubarb Ltd.
    • Rob Ellis
    • Steven McCall
  • Associate Producer
    • Jason Povlotsky
  • Producer
    • Stewart Green
  • Executive Producers
    • Bob Thompson
    • Trine Mønsted
  • Script By
    • Hannah Kodicek
  • Production By
    • Artworld UK for the LEGO company


  • This video was once featured on Comcast's On-Demand.
  • The languages that dub the VHS are English, French, German, Dutch, and Polish.
  • In the English dub, some scenes are cut out. Since only one recording of the English version exists online, it is unknown if this applies to all tapes or only the uploaded one.
  • "Real life rescue situations are dangerous and should only be attempted by the experts, such as police, fire, and rescue officers. If you see a dangerous situation, tell an adult, or call for emergency assistance."

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