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4.5V used to be the voltage standard for the first electric components (e.g. motors, lights) in certain LEGO sets. The power came from a battery box with 3x 1.5V batteries.

Beside Basic sets and TECHNIC sets, the 4.5V standard was used for motorization of the first electric LEGO Trains which marked a long era from 1966 to 1986.

The 4.5V standard was later used for battery powered DUPLO Trains.

4.5V powered Themes

4.5V powered Sets





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Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
002-4.5V Gears Motor Set0024.5V Gears Motor Set3$5.001965
088-Super Set0884.5V Super Set615€99.501969-1971
1-4.5V Replacement Motor1Replacement 4.5 V Motor1 1977
0100-1100Motor with Wheels and Wire16 1966
101-4.5V Battery Case 19661014.5V Battery Case2 1966
101-4.5V Battery Case1014.5V Battery Case.2 1969
102102Front End Loader57 1970
102A-Front-End Loader box102AFront-End Loader64 1970
104-Replacement 4.5V Motor1044.5V Replacement Motor1 1970
107-1.1125542928.thumb21074.5V Motor Set31 1976
108 Battery Box108Battery Box1 1976
Tchcont21092TECHNIC Control 2467$190.991986
11-Locomotive Traction Tires11Locomotive Traction Tyres8 1977
1101-Replacement 4.5V Motor1101Replacement 4.5V Motor1 1977
1103-Battery Box1103Battery Box2 1977
11041104Battery Cables  1981
11-Locomotive Traction Tires1111Rubber Rims for Locomotive Wheels8 1977
12-Wheel Bearings for Locomotives1112Train Sliding Wheel Blocks2 1977
1115-4.5V Lighting Brick (2 x 2)11154.5V Lighting Brick (2 x 2)1 1977
1119 Locomotive Piston Assemblies1119Locomotive Piston Assemblies6 1977
0112-2112Locomotive with Motor76 1966
0113-2113Motorized Train Set271 1966
1135-2-9118240431135Battery Cable Kit: 12 Connectors, 3m Cable13 1981
1137-11137Train Couplings4 1981
11-Locomotive Traction Tires1138Replacement Rubber Wheel Treads for Trains8 1981
1139-1-9118242141139Motor-mount Plate with Magnetic Couplers5 1981
1141-1-91182429211412 Wheel Bricks with Attached Small Red Train-wheels2 1981
1142-1-91182432911422 Wheel Bricks with Attached Small Black Train-wheels2 1981
1143-1-91182435811432 Wheel Bricks with Attached Large Red Train-wheels6 1981
1144-1-9118243961144Train Baseplate1 1981
1145-1-9118244381145Bogie Plate1 1981
0116-1116Starter Train Set with Motor364 1967
1168-Battery Box1168Battery Box2$4.001986
117-Locomotive without Motor117Locomotive Without Motor99 1967
1175-4.5V Motor11754.5V Motor1 1978
118 Electronic Train top front side118Electronic Train99 1968
Fullsizeoutput 834118Motorized Freight or Passenger Train451$19.991969
119-Super Train Set119Super Train Set451 1968
12-Wheel Bearings for Locomotives12Wheel Bearings for Locomotives2 1977
120-Complete Freight Train Set with Tipper Trucks Box120Complete Freight Train with Tipper Trucks163 1969
122-Loco and Tender122Loco & Tender100 1969
0124-1124Goods Wagon56 1969
126-Steam Locomotive126Steam Locomotive60 1970
0127-1127Complete Train with 3 Wagons575 1971
0128-2128Mobile Crane  1971
0130-1130Double Tipper Wagon20 1972
0131-1131Passenger Coach67 1972
132-2132Port Crane and Flat Waggon60 1972
133-1-964111770133Locomotive75 1975
134-1134Mobile Crane and Wagon862 1975
136-1136Tanker Wagon83 1975
0137-2137Passenger Sleeping Car82 1975
138-Electronic Train138Electronic Train107 1969
0146-1146Level Crossing681 LEGOLAND Minifigures 1976
147-1147Refrigerated Wagon1152 LEGOLAND Minifigures 1976
0148-1148Station2935 LEGOLAND Minifigures 1975
149149Fuel Refinery3283 LEGOLAND Minifigures 1976
15-Lighting Brick (2 x 2)15Lighting Brick (2 x 2)1 1977
150-1150Straight Track25 (1966-72) 28 (1973-76) 1966
151-1151Curved Track25 (1966-74) 28 (1973-76) 1966
0154-1154Rail Points4 1967
155-11552 Cross Rails, 8 Straight Tracks, 4 Base Plates14 1967
156- 2 Rail Signals1562 Rail Signals6 1968
0156-2156Straight Rails with Sleepers6 1976
157-Automatic Direction Changer157Automatic Direction Changer7 1969
0157-1157Curved Rails with Sleepers25 1976
0159-1159Straight Rails and Crossing25 1976
160-Magnetic Couplings160Magnetic Couplings6 1968
161-1161Battery Wagon8 1972
162-1162Locomotive210 1977
163-1163Cargo Wagon1282 1977
164-1164Passenger Coach1482 1978
165 Box165Cargo Station2602 1978
0166-1166Flat Wagon Worker Train Conductor 1978
0167-1167Car Transport Wagon Person, Train Conductor 1978
0170-1170Push-Along Play Train93 1972
171-1171Train Set without Motor147 1972
180-11804.5V Train with 5 Wagons228 1972
181-1181Train Set with Motor, Signals and Shunting Switch148 1972
182-Train Set with Signal182Train Set with Motor369 1975
0183-1183Train Set with Motor and Signal  1976
19-Locomotive Piston Assemblies19Locomotive Piston Assemblies6 1977
29-4.5V Motor294.5V Motor1 1977
3-Battery Box3Battery Box2 1977
4-4.5V Motor Battery Cables44.5V Motor Battery Cables2$1.501977
445-Lighting Device Pack445Lighting Device Pack3 1966
5000-Replacement 4.5V Motor5000Replacement 4.5 V Motor1€5.501987
50015001Wheel Bushes for 4.5v Motor1$7.001987
500350034.5v Lighting Bricks2 1987
50055005Battery Box1$5.751987
51005100Battery Rod 4.5V1 1987
5101-4.5V Motor for Technical Sets51014.5V Motor for Technical Sets1 1987
7-Battery Box7Battery Box2$3.501980
7-Train Signal with Ties7Train Signal with Ties4 1981
7710-17710Push-Along Passenger Steam Train4475 1980
7720-17720Diesel Freight Train Set4253 1980
7722-17722Steam Cargo Train Set4953$68.501985
7810-17810Push-Along Steam Engine971 1980
7813-17813Shell Tanker Wagon1211$16.501986
7814-17814Crane Wagon1132$4.871980
7815-17815Passenger Carriage / Sleeper2282 1983
7816-17816Shell Tanker Wagon1201 1980
7817 Box7817Crane Wagon1471$25.501985
7818-17818Passenger Wagon1172 1980
7819-1-17819Postal Container Wagon1831 1983
7820-17820Mail Van2122 1980
7821 Box7821Track & Lighting Maintenance Wagon902 1982
7821-17821Track Maintenance Vehicle932 1983
7822-17822Railway Station3843 1980
7824-1-37824Railway Station4789$51.001983
7835-17835Road Crossing1291$21.001985
7838 Box7838Freight Loading Depot3153 1983
7850-17850Straight Rails32$$9.251980
7851-17851Curved Rails32$9.251980
7853-17853Crossing5 1980
8-Replacement 4.5V Motor8Replacement 4.5V Motor1$5.501981
0870-1870Technical Motor, 4.5V22 1977
0901-19014.5V Universal Motor29 1976
960596054.5v TECHNIC Resource Set1516$189.001985
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