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4000005 Kornmarken Factory 2012 is a set released in June 2012 to employees at the Kornmarken factory


The Kornmarken factory, based in Billund and closely connected to the LEGO House, is the largest and oldest LEGO production facility in the world. Originally built in the mid-1980s, the machines first started operating in June 1987, and the factory officially opened in 1988. It was the first factory to incorporate modules, which are flexible buildings capable of functioning as independent work areas. By 1992, the factory had expanded to 12 modules from the original 4, which it filled with 760 molding machines. In that same year, the factory added a 13.5 meter tall, fully automatic high-bay warehouse named the "Cathedral," which is still in use to this day. As the facility currently has the maximum amount of modules, an additional facility was constructed in Rugmarken, which was sold to a different company. The LEGO Group proceeded to move production back to an old factory in Hojmarksvej.


  • Kornmarken is the name of the largest LEGO production facility in the world, as well as the oldest continuously operating facility. It is the main supplier of the European market.
  • It was given to LEGO employees at the Kornmarken factory in June 2012 only, and is not expected to be released elsewhere, much like the LEGO Inside Tour exclusives.
  • The Kornsmarken facility is the fourth production facility to be built in Denmark, and is the only one continuously operating. However, LEGO has resumed production at the Hojsmarksvej facility, though that facility is not responsible for packaging.

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