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40002 LEGO X-mas Tree is a Seasonal set sold exclusively at LEGO Stores and the LEGO Shop during the 2009 holiday season. It contains parts to build a flat Christmas tree that can be used as Christmas ornament.


The entire tree is built on a 2X3 brown plate, into the centre of which a 1X2 brown brick is attached. The entire rest of the tree is built off the brown brick. The tree is primarily built of seven layers of decreasing size, which are made of several bricks set upon plates of a slightly larger length then them, with further plates stacked on top of them. The process repeats to the top of the tree. The edges of some layers have small decorations made of one or two pieces set upon them, and transparent 1X1 studs are sometimes added into the middle of layers. At the very top of the tree is a single yellow 1X2 brick with a round hole in it.


  • Although this set is a LEGO exclusive it was also sighted at some Target stores.

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Oh LEGO® brick tree, oh LEGO brick tree, how awesome are your branches!
The only thing prettier than a real Christmas tree is this one made of LEGO bricks! Set comes with LEGO pieces and instructions to build one of the most classic symbols of Christmas.

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