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4021 Police Patrol is a set of the Boats theme that was released in 1991. It contains a police boat and three police officers.


The boat consists of a large watertight single-piece hull with several brickbuilt superstructures. The cabin at the front is empty but has enough space for minifigures to stand upright and can be accessed through opening at the sides or by tilting up the roof. Behind the cabin, on a higher level, is the open bridge, which contains a steering wheel, a lever and a control panel, as well as a walkie-talkie and a fire extinguisher. Under the bridge is a storage box with airtanks and a helmet.

Aft of the deckhouse is a large hatch that covers the ship's V8 engine. Behind it, right at the ship's aft, is a rope winch.


  • This was the largest of the four police boats of the Boats theme.
  • The ship had a single-piece base unit and two weight units to make it float on water.
  • The ship could be equipped with an external motor, which had to bought seperately from other manufacturers.


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