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4022 C26 Sea Cutter is a Boats set that was released in 1996. It contains a large Coast Guard ship with a crew of three minifigures.


The ship consists of a watertight one-piece hull with brick-built superstructures. The front portion of the superstructures consists of two foldable cockpit windscreen pieces that cover a small recessed control room that contains two seats with a steering wheel and a radar screen in front of them, respectively. Behind this room are two cupboards built into the outside walls, containing a flashlight and a fire helmet. On a raised deck at the aft of the superstructures is the open bridge which only contains a steering wheel. On the deck at the aft is a rope winch and a storage rack with a breathing module for the fire helmet, a fire extinguisher, air tanks and a walkie talkie. The set features 193 pieces.


  • The designation number "C26" can be found all over the ship.
  • The ship's overall structure and appearance is similar to the earlier, but smaller, 6353 Coastal Cutter (labeled "C12"), which had an auxiliary motor boat on a slipway at the aft, which could not be included in the C26 Cutter due to the use of a prefabricated hull.
  • The minifigures wear the Coast Guard uniform that was introduced one year earlier in 6338 Hurricane Harbor.

Minifigures Included

Coast guard 1
Coast guard 1
Coast guard 2
Coast Guard
(Variation 1)
Coast Guard
(Variation 1)
Coast Guard
(Variation 2)


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