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4043 Gorm is a small Galidor set released in 2002. It was released in Happy Meals as a McDonalds promotion. It contains a smaller version of the Galidor villain, Gorm.


Gorm is made up of four parts. His legs are a single, hollow piece, and also include his lower torso and codpiece. His torso features moveable arms, into one of which a large black staff is attached. His head is a single element, and is the only part of his body to include a non-black coloured space- a single green eye.


Gorm, known as The Conqueror of a Thousand Worlds, was formerly an adviser in royal court of Galidor. However, he currently rules most of the Outer Dimension, and has made most of it into a blasted heath. He has various abilities, such as extreme intelligence, telekinesis, and the ability to glinch, which he stole from Nick Bluetooth.

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