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40501 Wooden Duck is a LEGO House exclusive set released in 2020. The set is based on the LEGO Duck from 1935. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it.

An iconic piece of LEGO building heritage is now available in Billund, Denmark. Ever since the opening of LEGO House in 2017 creating exclusive products has been important as they add significantly to the experience of visiting LEGO House - the pinnacle LEGO experience.

LEGO House is now introducing a new series called: The LEGO House Limited Editions. The Wooden Duck (40501) is the first in this exclusive range of collectable products celebrating key moments in LEGO history.

The original wooden duck is one of the most iconic features in the LEGO history and you can find the wooden duck replicated in LEGO bricks many places throughout LEGO House – in the Tree of Creativity in World Explorer and even in the Red Zone.


  • The Wooden Duck was previously in System with the 2011 employee gift, 2011 LEGO Duck.


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