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4067 Buggy is a promotional Studios-themed set that was released in 2001. It is a Coca-Cola promotional set.


This set, while it does not include minifigures, it includes something a minifigure would use. The included buggy has overly-small wheels like what a skateboard uses and has a small windshield. From the looks of the buggy it does not look like it was meant for serious driving, but rather as a way for the camera crew to get around while in the filming process.

It does have lights on the front and back of the set, and has what seems to be an area where the engine is located. There is also a safety bar located at the back of the buggy where the minifigure would sit.


  • This set was a promotion for Coca-Cola.
  • The set consists of a small buggy that is Minifigure-compatible, although strangely, no actual Minifigures are included in the set.

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