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4079 Mini Rex is a small Studios set that was released in 2001. It was released as a promotion for Coca-Cola. It contains a Baby Tyrannosaurus rex. This is very different from the other dinosaur parts because it was red instead of green. No other sets include it in this colour. It also contains a small platform and perch for the dinosaur.


This set includes one Baby Tyrannosaurus rex, which is oddly red. This is the only time a Baby Tyrannosaurus rex has been included in a set in the colour red. This was most likely an advertisement for Coca-Cola, who released these promotional sets, because the packaging on their products and their logos are predominantly red. The rest of the set is what appears to be sand on the ground where the dinosaur is resting on, a block of dirt and some grass growing out of the dirt.


  • This set, and a few others, only included four pieces, the lowest for all of the Studios theme and Jurassic Park III. This and 4069 Katinco & Megaphone were the only sets not to include a minifigure that had only four pieces.
  • This set bears a certain resemblance to the baby raptor in LEGO Jurassic World.


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