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41002 Emma's Karate Class is a Friends set released in 2013. It includes Emma.


The set includes a dojo wall with a paper panel and purple slopes. The floor in front of it is different shades of pink, purple, and tan and has a basket and blue bottle.

Another segment is a tan counter built on azure bricks with a hinge that curves it. On the first segment is a wall with a clip to hold a katana with a trophy case next to it. The other holds only a kendo helmet.

A small bonsai tree built up on black bricks is included.

Lastly, a brown stand for a breakable white board is included.

The exclusive Emma mini-doll wears a karate uniform with purple insignia. She wears a white top with a black belt and a purple flower printed on it she has white arms and light nougat hands, white jeans light nougat legs which lead down to her white and dark blue sneakers. Emma has long black hair with a purple bow on it, She can change her hairpiece into a kendo helmet. Emma like all minidolls has a nose, she has green eyes and a smiling face with pink lipstick.


This set depicts Emma taking a martial arts class located in Heartlake City where she is studying karate and kendo. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Master martial arts in Emma's Karate Class!

Emma's dojo is a piece of the Far East, right here in Heartlake City. Practice Emma's favorite martial arts and help her to prepare for another fantastic performance. Train hard to win the trophy by chopping the practice block in half! After a great practice, wind down in the tranquil environment with the cute bonsai tree and drink some water. Then use the mask and sword to start mastering kendo! Includes Emma mini-doll figure.

  • Includes Emma mini-doll figure
  • Features a functioning chopping block, Japanese-style screen, bonsai tree and trophy display case
  • Accessories include kendo mask, trophies, a sword, handbag and a bottle of water
  • Use the chopping function to help Emma break the board in half!
  • Store all of Emma's trophies in the display case for everybody to admire!
  • LEGO® Friends pieces are fully compatible with all LEGO bricks
  • Collect all of the LEGO Friends sets for a whole world of LEGO Friends fun!
  • LEGO mini-dolls are LEGO figures made especially for the world of LEGO Friends that can be customized and combined in thousands of ways
  • Measures over 2" (7cm) high, 1" (3cm) wide and 9" (23cm) long

Mini-Doll Included