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41028 Emma’s Lifeguard Post is a Friends set released in 2014. It contains 78 pieces building three brick-build structures, Emma's mini-doll and a light blue dolphin.


The main structure of the set is a lifeguard post built on two base plates - medium blue and light tan decorated by transparent blue cheese pieces resembling waves, which represent the seashore. The post is mainly white and its steep roof is lavender. The upper platform is made of a red plate and can be accessed by a mini-doll by using red ladder assembled on the side of the post. The platform is secured by a railing made of a lavender 1x6 tile and decorated by a red flag and a pink basket, where swimming fins can be stored.
The additional structure is a miniature sand castle built on a light tan plate and shaded by a transparent pink umbrella. The beach-side utensils are represented by a bucket and a star-shaped sand mould.
The smallest structure is a buoy topped by a green flag. Emma's mini-doll is dressed in a blue bikini top, dark pink shorts and matching sandals. Her role as a lifeguard is stressed by the special printing of her torso: a whistle tied around her neck and a rescue cross pattern on her top. The set contains a variety of accessories including a lifebuoy, a rescue buoy, a rescue kit packed in a green suitcase, binoculars, swimming fins and beach-side utensils. Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Help Emma keep the Heartlake City swimmers safe at her Lifeguard Post!

Keep swimmers safe with Emma’s Lifeguard Post. Watch the waves and decide which flag to raise. If it’s red, it’s dangerous and if it’s green, it’s safe. You decide! Then put up the pink parasol and play with the fun accessories like the sand castle and the bucket and spade. Later on, put on the swim flippers and have fun with the playful dolphin! Includes Emma mini-doll figure with assorted accessories and a dolphin.

  • Includes Emma mini-doll figure and a dolphin
  • Features lifeguard post with green and red flags, flag post and a first aid kit
  • Accessories include binoculars, rescue can, orange swim flippers, sandcastle with pink parasol and a red bucket
  • Raise the red flag to warn the bathers of stormy waters
  • Help Emma build a fun sandcastle when she’s off duty
  • Watch the playful dolphin swim in the sea
  • Lifeguard post measures over 3” (9cm) high, 2” (6cm) wide and 1” (5cm) deep

Mini-Doll Included


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