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41060 Sleeping Beauty's Royal Bedroom is a Disney Princess set released in 2015.

LEGO.com Description

Build Sleeping Beauty’s bedroom and bring her story to life!

Explore Princess Aurora’s bedroom at the castle and feed her furry friend the rabbit with a carrot.Today is her birthday. Sixteen years ago, an evil fairy named Maleficent put a terrible curse on her. Will Aurora prick her finger on a spinning wheel’s spindle and fall into a deep, enchanted slumber, only to be woken by true love’s kiss? Or maybe she will find a hidden magic wand and break the spell. It’s all up to you! Have fun building Sleeping Beauty’s bedroom and play as you go! Includes Princess Aurora mini-doll figure and a rabbit.

  • Includes Princess Aurora mini-doll figure and a rabbit.
  • Features a bedroom with window, mirrored vanity, bed with secret compartment and a spinning wheel.
  • Accessories include a perfume bottle, magic wand, tiara, hair bow, 2 strawberries and a carrot.
  • Help Aurora do her hair and put on perfume at her mirrored vanity.
  • Feed a tasty carrot to Aurora’s rabbit friend.
  • Hide the good fairy’s magic wand in the hidden compartment under Aurora’s bed.
  • Use the spinning wheel–but be very careful…
  • Relax on the comfy princess bed for enchanted slumbering!
  • Follow the movie story or create your own adventures inspired by this popular Disney Princess™.
  • Bed measures over 2” (7 cm) high, 1” (4 cm) wide and 1” (5 cm) deep.
  • Window measures over 2” (6 cm) high, 1” (3 cm) wide and 1” (5 cm) deep.

Mini-doll Figures included

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