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41086 Vet Ambulance is a Friends set that was released on January 1, 2015. It contain a 89 pieces to construct Emma and an ambulance. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item’s product page)

Come to the rescue of injured animals in the Vet Ambulance!

Jump into the Vet Ambulance and keep a lookout for animals in need! A little hedgehog playing in a bush has fallen from a branch. Help Emma speed to the rescue and check the hedgehog over. Give the hedgehog a drink from the feeding bottle and put him onto the stretcher to carry him to the Vet Ambulance. Combine with the 41085 Vet Clinic to give the hedgehog a full health check. Includes an Emma mini-doll figure plus a hedgehog.

  • Includes an Emma mini-doll figure plus a hedgehog
  • Features a Vet Ambulance with rolling wheels, stretcher and a bush with mini-slide
  • Accessories include a feeding bottle and hair bow
  • Play with the little hedgehog on his slide in the bush
  • Rush to the rescue with the Vet Ambulance
  • Put the hedgehog on the stretcher and lift him into the Vet Ambulance
  • Vet Ambulance measures over 1” (5cm) high, 2” (7cm) long and 1” (4cm) wide
  • Bush measures over 1” (4cm) long, 1” (3cm) wide andunder 1” (2cm) high
  • Combine with the 41085 Vet Clinic to provide further treatment for injured animals


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