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41102 Friends Advent Calendar is a Friends Seasonal set released in September 2015. It includes Andrea, Liza, penguin, rabbit, and 24 Christmas themed mini-builds. It cost US $29.99, and UK £19.99.


Day 1 builds an Andrea mini-doll.
Day 2 builds a skate seat and a pair of ice-skates.
Day 3 builds a sled.
Day 4 builds a snowman.
Day 5 builds a Liza mini-doll.
Day 6 builds a pair of skis, ski poles, helmet, and flag.
Day 7 builds a stage with a microphone stand.
Day 8 builds a speaker.
Day 9 builds a saxophone stand.
Day 10 builds an azur hair accessories pack.
Day 11 builds a light purple dress-up box.
Day 12 builds a bunny house.
Day 13 builds a cupcake stall.
Day 14 builds an oven.
Day 15 builds a hot chocolate kit.
Day 16 builds a table with a cake and lollipop.
Day 17 builds a fire and two benches.
Day 18 builds a table.
Day 19 builds a hockey stick stand.
Day 20 builds a hockey goal.
Day 21 builds a snow catapult.
Day 22 builds a knock-'em-down game.
Day 23 builds a Christmas tree.
Day 24 builds a penguin and ice slope.

Mini-Dolls Figures

Andrea has dark skin and curly dark brown hair. She wears an earth blue Christmas jumper, bright red skirt, sand blue tights, and bright red boots with white trim.

Liza has light nougat skin and Emma's hair in blonde. She wears a bright reddish violet shirt under a white cardigan, white trousers, and black boots.


  • Andrea's torso and skirt are exclusive to this set. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Count down to Christmas with the LEGO® Friends!

Count down to a LEGO® Friends Christmas this December! Build the winter village in Heartlake City Square, with a new piece to add every day. You’ll find special winter sports equipment, fairground games and Christmas cakes and candies. You might even find some furry winter friends inside too. Includes Andrea and Liza mini-doll figures in a calendar with 24 secret compartments, each containing its own buildable surprise.

  • Includes Andrea and Liza mini-doll figures
  • Features 24 gifts, each enclosed in its own compartment in a LEGO® Friends holiday-themed calendar
  • Open a new compartment each day and count down to Christmas with buildable gifts!
  • Collect 24 buildable surprises including ski equipment, a rabbit, Knock ‘Em Over game and a Christmas tree!
  • Visit each Sunday in December and on Christmas Eve to find new building instructions for a mini build with all the gifts you have opened that week

Mini-dolls Included