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41191 Naida and the Water Turtle Ambush is an Elves set released in January 2018.


Seek the magic within to help Naida protect the Elemental Guardian creature! This exciting LEGO® Elves building toy features a large buildable water turtle with movable head and legs, and space for a mini-doll figure, plus a small island with disc shooter and a boat with chain shooter and space for a bat. Includes a mini-doll figure, small turtle figure, fish figure and a bat figure.

  • Includes a Naida mini-doll figure plus Furi the shadow bat and Calypso the baby turtle figures.
  • Features a buildable Cory the Guardian Water Turtle figure that includes space for a baby turtle figure and space on the head for a magic Water ‘diamond'.
  • Also includes a small ‘floating' island with disc shooter and space for a fish, plus a small boat with a chain shooter and space for a bat figure.
  • Hop on the back of the Guardian Water Turtle and take a ride.
  • Jump over to the island and load the disc shooter to fight the evil shadow bat.
  • Launch the chain from the boat’s chain shooter to knock the ‘diamond’ from the turtle’s head.
  • Accessory elements include a cupcake with cherry, Naida’s power-up staff, 2 discs, 2 flowers, map, magic Water ‘diamond' and a fish.
  • This exciting building toy is suitable for ages 7-12.
  • Other mischievous little bats can be collected in selected LEGO® Elves sets.
  • Guardian Water Turtle measures over 1” (4 cm) high, 4” (12 cm) long and 3” (9 cm) wide.
  • ‘Floating’ island measures over 1” (5 cm) high, 3” (9 cm) wide and 2” (6 cm) deep.
  • Boat measures over 2” (6 cm) high, 2” (6 cm) long and under 1” (2 cm) wide.

Mini-dolls included


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