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41325 Heartlake City Playground is a Friends set released in 2017.


Designed by 9 year old Sienna – winner of the LEGO® Friends Designer contest.

LEGO® Friends Heartlake City Playground is the perfect place to have a blast with your besties. Centered around a tree house, it includes a climbing wall with colored holds and a twister slide. Push the functioning swings to make them go back and forth, spin the merry-go-round and make the 2 mini-doll figures go up and down on the seesaw. Help them take a seat on the benches as they watch Pippa the dog stretch her legs, then use the walkie-talkies to invite more friends to come out and play!

  • Includes Mia and Sienna mini-doll figures, plus a Pippa the dog figure.
  • Features a tree house playground with slide, climbing wall, swings, merry-go-round, seesaw, hopscotch, monkey bars, benches, fountain and an ice cream cart.
  • Accessory elements include 2 walkie-talkies, ice cream, popsicle and a coin.
  • Meet up with friends at the playground and have fun pushing the swings, spinning the merry-go-round and working the seesaw!
  • Climb up the climbing wall to the tree house and enjoy the view from up high.
  • Buy an ice cream from the cart and enjoy it as you relax by the fountain.
  • This set is suitable for ages 6–12.
  • Playground measures over 7” (19 cm) high, 9” (23 cm) wide and 4” (12 cm) deep.

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